Why Stand Together For Freedom?

We stand committed to preserve; protect; and defend ALL Americans’ constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties. We stand together for freedom through education, information, and action. 

Signers of The Declaration of Independence

Join us for weekly Monday meetings at 7pm at Fort Owen Inn: 3854 US Highway 93
Stevensville, Montana 59870

Important note: Meetings have returned to being held EVERY Monday.

  • Weekly call to action April 12, 2021 - Montana Legislative News From Edna Kent of Montanans for Limited Government: “Important legislation is on the horizon. Please be prepared to act quickly as we send out more announcements and calls to […]
  • Weekly call to action April 9, 2021 - Legislation updates from Montanans for Limited Government: HB09  NO Cultural and Aesthetic Grants (this is not a constitutional function of government!) Apr 6, 9 am, Senate Finance and Claims Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/ HB602 YES Require […]

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