This is America

This is America, not China, and don’t we all want it to stay that way? We must stand firmly in the defense of liberty.

A mask mandate, or any other health mandate that violates an individual’s right to control his or her own health, is a slippery slope toward tyrrany. 

God-given inalienable rights mean that we as individuals are responsible for our own health. No one can mandate whether or not we wear a mask, receive a vaccine, a forced abortion, or sterilization. Individual freedom must be preserved and held inviolate.

While we appreciate the knowledge gained by dedicated medical professionals, they must be kept in their proper place.

Advise away, but NEVER mandate.

Our national motto is not, “In Experts We Trust”. Nope. Sorry. Their combined understanding is but a drop in the ocean compared to the omniscience of our Great Creator. 

When dictators, or even a panel of experts, are allowed to enforce their highly educated opinions on the masses, disaster ensues. Unintended consequences are worse than what they were trying to prevent. There is simply no greater formula than freedom. And no wiser course than to trust in the Lord.

We are standing up to the mask mandate and any other other health mandate. We are standing up for freedom.

– Rachel Lewis