Board of Health

Why do we need a Board of Health?

According to state law, the purpose of the Board of Health is to implement state law found within Title 50 chapter 2. I’m certainly not ready to get into the full breadth of what they do. Instead, we’ll start with the specifics that are immediately important.

Who serves on the board?

The county commissioners appoint four residents of Ravalli county. And while each person is on the board for three years, they can be dismissed early as they serve at the commissioners’ pleasure.

Incidentally, board members do not receive compensation for serving on the board.

Need the board to address a concern?

As a citizen of Ravalli county you can get an item added to the agenda by contacting the Commissioners Office at 375-6500 at least five days before a regularly scheduled meeting.

Regular board of health meetings are held on the second Wed. of the month.

Where do they meet?

Commissioner’s Meeting Room in the Administration Building at 215 South 4th Street in Hamilton

Important Bylaws of the Board of Health

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