Mail In Voting

There are many troubling issues with mail-in voting. Hundreds of thousands of ballots have been sent back due to defects. That alone is alarming, but there are many more reasons why mail-in voting is problematic:

Elections are often decided by 1% or 2% and somehow 20% of mail in ballots have been lost since 2012.

Something must be done to secure the 2020 election, and We the People can help make that happen.

President Trump is encouraging us to send in our ballot as early as possible and then to verify it has been counted. You can check if your ballot has been received here. The more secure option is to vote in person or drop ballots off personally. Both can be done at our Ravalli County office in Hamilton.

Watch this clear and concise video from The Heritage Foundation to learn more.

Youtube adds a disclaimer but doesn’t refute the facts.