Baofeng Programming Files

Hi Team,
I have attached the files for the radio programming.
“Baofeng_UV-82HPProgramming.img” is the datafile used by the CHIRP programming software.

“BaofengUV82HPProgramming.csv” is a comma delimited text file that can be imported into the CHIRP software

“BaofengUV82HPProgramming.pdf” is a pdf file that is easy to read listing all the channels, frequencies, codes, channel names, etc. This is what is in the programming .img file.

“Radio Training.docx” is a Word file of the notes I used for the training speech.

When using CHIRP for your radios, I suggest:
-Download from the radio the data from your existing radio.
-Erase all of the old radio data from the file on your screen.
-Import the channel data from “BaofengUV82HPProgramming.csv” into the empty screen.
-Upload the info to your radios.

The reason for the above is that you may have different firmware then the club radios. CHIRP is not smart enough to copy data between radios with different firmware. By downloading the data from an existing radio, you get the correct firmware version. Then you fill that file on your screen with the new channel data from importing the .csv file.

Good Luck,