Trip to Helena Details


As of December 30, our STFF “Soft Deployment” to the Montana State Capital Building on Monday, January 4, 2020, is around 50 patriots thus far. CONGRATULATIONS!


Those who want to carpool meet at any of these locations:

  1. South Bitterroot – Victor CONOCO 915 US 93 at Woodside
  2. Mid-Bitterroot – Stevi CONOCO 3912 US 93 at Eastside HWY
  3. North Bitterroot – Lolo CONOCO 12011 US 93 at HWY 12
  4. Missoula – Ole’s country Store 3705 HWY 200 East Missoula

(Suggested rendezvous times at the above locations: January 3 – on the hour from 4PM-9PM. January 4 – on the hour from 4AM- 9AM. Drive through and honk 3 times.)


  • Morning RALLY POINT: Room 335 upstairs in the State Capitol Building from 9:30AM-noon, 1/4/2020. Problems? (406) 444 3064 for directions/questions
  • Afternoon RALLY POINT: Residence Inn Marriott 2500 E Custer Helena MT. 1/4/2020. Problems? (406) 443 8010 for directions/questions
  • Governor – Newly elected Governor Greg Gianforte is not scheduled to be present. His will be a “virtual” event on the web (Facebook?) at 9:00AM
  • Congress will be in the House of Representatives at 12:00 Noon
  • Senators in the Senate at 12:00 Noon


  • You can follow the latest developments at
  • Room 335 should have coffee, but any who want to bring and share snacks would be appreciated
  • The private Suite at the Marriott can be used to bring and or order lunch. Again, bring and share what you have for lunch and on…
  • Some of STFF and other Montana State Patriotic groups will stay in Helena for events that are now being formed for Wednesday, January 6, 2020 in support of President Trump’s National request.

May the Good Lord protect us as we travel and may we all be the better for our Patriotic, Constitutional participation. God Bless America!

2 thoughts on “Trip to Helena Details

  1. I will be there to cover this event and talk to patriots that want to have their message heard by ALL elected officials. We will be meeting at the North Steps @ 11:00am to stand united against tyranny.

  2. There will be a rally at 11:00 am with other groups from around the state. We should join them.

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