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Here are a few articles from sources who are generally reliable. We don’t know what exactly is true but it’s good to be prepared and be aware of what may happen over the coming week.

The following article is the background behind President Trump’s win, he’s been building this up for his whole presidency. Point 18 represents what’s happening now, if he truly is going to move forward with the insurrection act.

Capt Ed Hayes Ret.: 20 Points of Why America Is Transitioning Corporate to Republic & Biden Will Not Be President! – A Must Read!

Situation Update, Jan. 15th, 2021 – DECLASS begins, CNN complicit in capitol raid

What Do You Believe? Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office, MSM to Lose Licenses

An astonishing theory: FEMA and the US military will save America at its final hour


Also, if you haven’t already, disable auto updates on your phone. It’s been rumored that big tech will remove access to the Emergency Broadcast System, it may also remove different conservative apps from your phone.


On January 13th, tweeted that there may be power outages.

There MAY be interruptions to food, water, electricity and communications over the coming weeks. It MAY happen due to civil unrest from Antifa or BLM or some other means. Please have enough food (2 to 4 weeks), water (72 hours), cash, fuel, etc.

Obviously, there may not be any interruptions. However, it’s always good to be prepared and the fact that just tweeted about it now would be a good time to start if you’re not already prepared.

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  1. If the PhyOps that Pieczenik lays out is correct, then not only would it be welcomed by the conservatives, but the armed half of America would embrace a military prescence during the global reset. Seems like a very good chess move.
    It would also help protect the nation from external assault during a time of weakness.
    Still preferable to the one world order taking power.

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