This week’s meetings and calls to action

It pays to show up!

At last Wednesday’s Ravalli County Waste Water meeting, a lot of common sense was brought to the Health Board from STFF members. There was an encouraging spirit of cooperation and collaboration throughout the meeting. Because of our suggested edits, new drafts (see below) were required for review and approval, which postponed a decision to this coming Wednesday. A big thank you to Commissioner Jeff Burrows, who went beyond protocol and offered to get all the commissioners’ approval of documentation before the official Board of Health approval. He also proposed a joint meeting and suggested a later start time to accommodate residents’ work schedules.

Ravalli County Health Board Waste Water Regulations Continuance of Second Hearing will be a joint meeting of the Commissioners and the Board of Health.

Wednesday, March 10 @ 6:00pm at the Ravalli County Administration Building, 215 S 4th St., Hamilton, Mt. For Zoom meeting details, click here now.

The marked-up version of the draft (all the proposed changes) and the draft with all approved changes to be reviewed on Wednesday are available here below.

Again, thank you, Shashin Hume for the original summarized regulations with talking points that helped us propose changes at last week’s meeting. View Ravalli County Waste Water Regs-Contesting Talking Points

A big NO to Stevensville Town Council

Thursday’s Town Council meeting at the LDS church in Stevi was disheartening. All comments were against the development except for one from the realtor who facilitated the sale of the land. A group of STFF members took action to pray at City Hall and at the proposed site last Friday. This is a high density development that will over-tax existing infrastructure and water resources. It doesn’t make sense, and the board needs to get their ducks in a row. The final Zoom hearing happens tonight.

Click here for Zoom meeting info, agenda and documentation.

Burnt Fork Subdivision Facts, Concerns, Costs

Read a compelling and comprehensive letter to the Bitterroot Star from resident Jim Kalkofen. Click here now.

SHOW UP FOR 30 MINUTES ON THURSDAY: The town council will make their final decision for the Burnt Fork Estates at Thursday’s meeting (details below). Mayor Dewey’s decision to hold the meeting in the small community room at the public library in Stevi effectively strangles resident attendance numbers and thereby discussion. If we and are locked out, we will assemble on the sidewalk. A photo or TV footage showcasing the mayor’s intentional efforts at eliminating dissenting opinions will make a great statement.

Discussion and decision Town Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, March 11 at the North Valley Public Library Community Room: 208 Main Street Stevensville. For agenda, documentation and more details, click here now.

500+ letters signed!

Thanks to all the STFF volunteers who helped collect over 500 signed letters at Super 1 and Burnt Fork Market over the week. STFF members kicked off the campaign with a prayer walk at the school, and God confirmed He heard our prayer! Super 1 even took down their own big mask sign while we were there! The letters support parents and students for the option of mask wearing at school, and will be presented to the Stevensville School Board at Tuesday’s meeting. Please make this meeting a priority and come fight for the children. Click here now for meeting details.

Would you consider running for office?

Who will step into a position of influence for the children? We can all pray for godly, conservative candidates to step forward. Maybe you are the one for the job. Ravalli County School Boards have a number of seats coming up for elections on May 4. Candidates must file by March 25. Click here to contact district offices for more details.

Aid for Deputy Andy Jessop’s family.

We will collect funds again tonight to support the family of fallen Ravalli County Deputy, Andy Jessop. Our goal is to reach $1,000.00. The money will be presented to Sheriff Holton in the name of Stand Together For Freedom. If your Freedom Team would like to contribute to the donation, please contact Alan. 505-603-8499

Montana is 2A STRONG. Thank you, Gary!

Last Monday, Gary Marbut, president of Montana Shooting Sports Association and author of “Gun Laws of Montana” shared encouraging news about 2A rights being upheld in current Montana legislation. Gary will send you pertinent updates if you email him at You can support his excellent work by becoming a member of MSSA. Visit the website now.

2 thoughts on “This week’s meetings and calls to action

  1. Alan. From what I’ve seen – thanks and God’s Blessings on your, and everyone’s, efforts.
    This work is the direction we are headed as well.

    My Wife Diana and I will add our prayers and work on attendance. We live South of Ham and work full-time and have animals, so extra travel is a serious consideration.

    Fascinating to be more informed locally. Surprising how much is being attempted even in our fair valley.


    1. Mike, thank you for your kind words and blessings. We cherish your prayers and look forward to seeing you when we do!

      Alan and Terri

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