Weekly Call to Action


From Senator Theresa Manzella: Senators are getting a “TON” of emails against HB 258, which protects our 2nd Amendment from the Federal Government. The Senate Judiciary Committee is meeting TODAY for the hearing. Please tell the entire SJC committee to vote YES on HB 258. You can send your message here. Select “Committee,” (S) Judiciary, and HB 258.

House Bill 337 will be heard on the House floor this Thursday, March 18 sometime after 1pm. It defines “personhood” as “all members of mankind at any stage of development, beginning at the stage of fertilization or conception, regardless of age, health, level of functioning or condition of dependency.” If it passes, we will vote on the measure in November 2022. This bill needs a big YES. Contact House representatives here.

Hanging from a bridge….

On Saturday, we are headed to Missoula with signs to join the Worldwide Rally for Freedom happening around the globe. We will gather at 2pm on the South Reserve Pedestrian Bridge. Signs will be provided by Roger of faceoffreedom.org. If you know how to video a live event please contact Alan at (505) 603-8499. Carpooling and caravaning are available. Click here to learn more.

What precinct do you live in?

At Monday’s meeting, local rancher, Tony Hudson, shared more about serving on the Republican Central Committee in Ravalli County. There are many precinct seats open for our county. Check your voter id to know what precinct you are eligible to represent. Click here to learn about the Central Committee.

Next Week: The Return of Dr. Annie Bucacek

Next week, Dr. Annie Bucacek will join us again by Zoom to present the master plan behind Covid. If you missed Dr. Bucacek the first time she spoke to us, you won’t want to miss her this time around! She was one of the first medical professionals to call out the hoax of the virus.

County waste water regulations are approved.

Last Wednesday’s 6pm Ravalli County Waste Water continuance meeting ended with a relatively quiet sigh after 2 years of deliberations. We made a difference by praying and showing up! The board finally approved the regulations. Commissioners shared that variances were always available and that the county would work with residents through their individual cases, if need be. Ultimately, the regulations make for a functional foundation that can be improved upon as needed.

The next County Board of Health Meeting will be held at 1pm on April 14th.

There are many other decisions being made in Ravalli County on appointed and elected boards. Learn more about board openings here.

Standing together for Stevensville’s students.

At Last Tuesday’s Stevensville School Board Meeting, STFF presented over 500 signed letters supporting free choice for students and parents to Superintendent Bob Moore. We made varied comments to the board to let them know we do not support the current mask policy. While our request for another vote was not immediately granted, board member Sarah Armijo moved the conversation about mask policy be continued at next month’s school board meeting (it will be an in-person meeting only). Thank you to STFF members who stood up for the students and parents of Stevensville.

Your love and generosity – loud and clear.

We exceeded our goal of $1,000.00 and raised a total of $1,500, presented to the sheriff’s office last week, in honor of our fallen Ravalli County Deputy. A big thank you to everyone who gave to support the Andy Jessop family.

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    Can you invite me to your Zoom call with Dr. Bucacek? I’m sure Dan, also in Japan, would like to participate.


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