STFF Weekly Call to Action


Contact U.S. Senators with a NO vote on the following over-reaching gun bills: HR-8, HR-127, HR-1446 and HR-1808. These bills passed the U.S. House. Hearings will be conducted in the Senate Judiciary Committee. These bills are an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights and were designed to pave the way for total gun control by the federal government in direct opposition to our 2nd amendment. This is a blatant and obvious move by liberal leftists to disarm the American citizenry. Many Communist regimes have employed the same anti-gun rhetoric and subsequent actions in order to disarm and weaken any resistance of the populace. Our Constitution and the 2nd amendment right were specifically included in order to prevent an over zealous government from running over citizens. There is no justification for these bills to become law and no evidence to support that they would prevent any future violence to any great degree. Please ask Senators to vote NO on these four over-reaching bills. Reach government officials and hold them accountable. Click here now.

Remind them how to vote: Contact Montana legislators this week.

Montanans for Limited Government is a fantastic source of consolidated information for Constitutionally Conservative citizens. Email them to get the latest updates on legislation at Here is the website address:

Here is the latest update, sent by Chairman, Edna Kent:

HB337, Personhood, has passed the House and is headed to the Senate. Now is the time to contact all Democrat Senators and ask for their YES vote on this. If Senators are unwilling to let HB337 be put to the vote of the people of Montana as a ballot measure, then they do not believe in the voice of the people. The closest we can get to affecting the kind of government we want is when we, the people, vote through the process of ballot measures. Legislators are to represent us, not rule over us in an authoritarian manner. Being opposed to ballot measures is akin to saying voters cannot be trusted to make decisions.Legislators need to let the people of Montana speak on such a critical matter as Personhood. Find Senators (select Senate in the dropdown box on the left): Message Senators:

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is heading to the House. Contact your House Rep and ask for a YES vote on SB215. Find Your House Rep: Message Your Rep:


HB257 YES Revise laws relating to government mandates and businesses
March 22, 8 am, Senate Judiciary
Message Committee:
HB501 YES Failure to wear face covering or carry proof of vax not considered criminal trespass
March 22, 8 am, Senate Judiciary
Message Committee:
SB332 YES Revise immunizations laws related to foster care March 23, 3 pm, House Human Services
Message Committee:
SB315  YES Born-alive Infant Protection Act March 26, 8 am, House Judiciary
Message Committee:
SB283 YES Clarify expulsion law for firearm in vehicle on school parking lotMarch 26, 8 am, House JudiciaryMessage Committee:

What if there was no Health Officer?

Just think how different life would be different if health officers didn’t have the power they do. We can still turn this around through legislation. Contact legislators on the following two bills:
HB121 YES Require elected official approval of local health board and officer actions. Business, Labor and Economic Affairs Commitee:
HB230 YES Generally revise emergency and disaster laws. Senate Judiciary Committee:

Patriot Cruisers ride again.

The youth of Ravalli are hosting a Vietnam War Veterans Day Cruise and BBQ. The event takes place this Sunday, March 28. Cruisers will meet at Murdoch’s in Hamilton at 2pm and travel together throughout the valley. Final destination will be the corner of US93 and Schearbrook Lane, north of Stevensville for the cookout (bring your own chairs). Please come thank and honor our veterans, and support the kids as the future leaders of our community.

This week in Stevensville: Burnt Fork Development Update

Tonight, March 23 at 6pm!

A Q & A meeting with the developer’s representatives, PCI, has been set-up at the request of Town Council member Jaime Devlin (a Creekside neighbor). Bring your questions; ask; pay attention to the answers. The meeting will be held at the school Stevensville School Multi-Purpose Room300 Park Avenue Building D.

The other meeting, a Town Council meeting, is scheduled Thursday, March 25, at the Stevi Library. This meeting starts at 7 pm. At the March 11 Town Council meeting, the mayor announced that this meeting would also include a public hearing. Notices about the hearing were NOT printed in the local newspaper in advance as required by state law and Town regulations. Letters were not mailed to adjacent property owners, either. The legal status of this public hearing is in doubt, but for those wishing to comment – or see local government in “action” — plan to attend (Thanks to Jim K. for the info!).

Dr. Annie said “yes”!

Our Monday night guest speaker, Dr. Annie Bucacek, has offered her email address for inquiries. Ask to get on her own email lists for updates on what she is learning:

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