Weekly call to action

This week’s urgent legislation: Your voice makes a difference.

Federal Legislation

Urge Sen. Tester to Stand for Your 2A Rights! Please call Sen. Tester at 202-224-2644 or email him info@jontester.com and urge him to NOT BACK DOWN to Senator Chuck Schumer on the filibuster. Schumer wants Tester to support nixing the filibuster and to pass gun control in the Senate with 51 votes. Right now with the filibuster, the Senate has to jump over the 60-vote threshold. Without the filibuster, the senate only needs a simple majority vote against our 2A rights.

Montana Legislation

SB100  YES Welfare Fraud Prevention Act March 30, 3 pm, House Human ServicesMessage Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

HB337  YES Personhood March 31, 8 am, Senate Judiciary Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/
(Please scroll down or click here for more information and thoughts on this bill from Dr. Annie Bucacek.)

HB334  YES Revise Laws on Medical Exemptions to Vaccines March 31, 3 pm, Senate Public Health, Welfare and Safety Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

B580  NO Revise Laws Related to Political Committees March 31, 3 pm, Senate State Administration Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

HB115  Comment Increase Penalties for 5th and Subsequent DUI
April 1, 9 am, Senate Finance and Claims Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

HB162 YESExempt SS benefits from MT Individual Income TaxCall House Taxation Committee: 406.444.4800

SB215 YES RFRA Find your House Rep: https://www.leg.mt.gov/map/ Message your House Rep: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/ Call your House Rep: 406.444.4800

HB112 YES Protect women’s sports Find your Senator: https://www.leg.mt.gov/map/ Message your Senator: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/ Call your Senator: 406.444.4800

House Judiciary Committee https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/ Wed, March 31, 8 am

HB702 YES Prohibit discrimination based on Vax Status or Possession of Immunity Passport

HB703 YES Prohibit use of Vax Status or Immunity Passport for Certain Purposes (medical privacy and civil rights protection)
Also message these committees on HB702 & HB703: House Appropriations, House Biz & Labor, House Education, House Human Services

*****Remember: you can use the click back button for ease and efficiency in messaging all these committees. *****

HB334 YES Revise laws on medical exemptions from vaccinesWed, March 31, 3 pm, Senate Public Health, Welfare & Safety Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

SB332 YES Revise Immunization Laws Related to Foster CareBy Wed, March 31Message House Human Services Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

SB400 YES Parental RightsWed, Apr 1, 8 am, Senate Judiciary Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

Update on SB199, Local Food Freedom Act, has made it out of the House Committee! Stay tuned for updates. 

Thanks to Edna Kent of Montanans for Limited Government for these great weekly update that we can forward on to you. Check out their newest blog post. It contains a plan for communicating with Senators Daines and Tester.

Join Dr. Annie Bucacek to stand for Life in Helena this Wednesday.

From Dr. Annie, President of Montana ProLife Coalition, regarding HB 337—Personhood Amendment Bill, which will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee this Wednesday 3/31/2021 @ 8 am: Please join me at the Capitol building for this momentous occasion, a proclamation of the worth God has given us. The hearing will be in Room 303, the beautiful room that used to be the Supreme Court Hearing Room. If you are going to sit in the balcony, please sign in first.

If you have a written testimony, please bring 12 copies to submit…print your name plus Presented to Senate Judiciary Committee 3/31/2021…I share with you some talking points below.

Anyone honest with themselves knows even at our best moments we are flawed…Nevertheless, I take God at His word that, we are the pinnacle of His creation. And those unborn babies are the most pure expression of that inestimable value.

If you haven’t already, please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote YES for HB 337 Personhood… email and text is great…and click here to send a message to the entire SJC. After you send the message to the committee, hit the back arrow and send a message to Susan Webber on the SJC who is personally prolife but doesn’t vote that way. It takes very little time once you have your message cut and pasted the first time.


Keith Regier (R, Kalispell) 406-756-6141 Keith.regier@mtleg.gov;

Tom McGillvray (R) 406-698-4428 Tom.mcgillvray@mtleg.gov;

Diane Sands (D, Missoula) 406-251-2001 senatorsands@gmail.com

Bryce Bennett (D, Missoula)  406-546-3629  Bennettformontana@gmail.com;

Bob Brown (R, Thompson Falls) 406-242-0141  Bob.brown@mtleg.gov;

John Esp (R, Big Timber) 406-932-5662  johnesp2001@yahoo.com;

Chris Friedel (R, Billings)  406-272-2245  chris@chrisfriedel.com;

Steve Hinebauch (R)  406-365-7967  steve.hinebauch@mtleg.gov;

Theresa Manzella (R)  406-546-9462  Theresa.manzella@mtleg.gov;

Susan Webber (D, Brownin) 406-450-1894 nitzitap@3rivers.net

Copy and paste this list to email them all at once:

In addition to the SJC, Please give focused attention on the following Republican (Sen. Hoven has voted against Personhood 4 of the last 5 sessions) and Democrats…

Brian Hoven (R, Great Falls)  406-761-8533  brian.hoven@mtleg.gov;

Mike Fox (D, Hays MT, tribal council, retired military)  406-399-0479 Fbbuffalo@yahoo.com;

Edie McClafferty (D, Butte)  406-490-5873  edie.mcclafferty@mtleg.gov;

Mike Sweeney (D, Philipsburg)  406-560-0171  mike.sweeney@mtleg.gov;

Ryan Lynch (D, Butte) 406-498-6625  ryan.lynch@mtleg.gov;

Next Monday, April 5th: Author, Matt Trewhella, will join us via Zoom

In addition to being pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church (founded in 1989) in the Milwaukee, WI area, Pastor Trewhella is also founder of the pro-life organization Missionaries to the Preborn, author of the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government, and lectures frequently on righteous resistance and the lesser magistrate doctrine. Through his research and teaching on the biblical duties of the lower magistrate, Pastor Matt Trewhella came across the Magdeburg Confession, an important historical work that became the first in the history of mankind to set forth in a doctrinal format what only later came to be known as the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine. His website is https://defytyrants.com/. Pastor Trewhella and his wife Clara live in the Milwaukee, WI area. They have eleven children.

Mark your calendar for May 1st: Unmask Missoula Now!

We are going back to Missoula on Saturday, May 1st, to hold a Proclamation of Freedom against the Covid mindset so prevalent there. Please spread the news with your own email contacts, friends, family, neighbors, and associates. We have full permissions to print and hand out this flyer: click here now to download the flyer.

We have cut our teeth on the sign rallies in Hamilton and the recent one in Missoula. Now it is time to make a real splash which the media and the liberals cannot ignore. Large numbers of warm bodies who want to be free are imperative to drive home the message (Thanks to Roger Mitchell for the flyer and copy).

Talking Points on abortion written by Dr. Annie Bucacek

THERE IS NO QUESTION AS TO WHEN LIFE BEGINS That human life begins at conception is not philosophy, theology, or political ideology but established scientific fact. It was known in 1973 the unborn child has its own genome, separate from mother, and distinctively human.  At conception, the entire genome is present that will be there at birth and beyond. Gender, hair and eye color, and other heritable traits are established at conception. There is no difference in the genetics of any of us now and when we were conceived. The only difference between each of us then and now is time and an environment with nutrition and other conditions conducive to growth. Anyone who says they don’t know when human life begins is either ignorant or dishonest.

WOMEN/GIRLS VICTIMIZED by PROFIT-DRIVEN CLINICS The abortion industry exploits women for profit. Profit from abortions performed is nothing compared to the money being made off the illegal sale of aborted baby body parts. We know this from the well documented exposure of Planned Parenthood in recent years. This lends credence to the belief by many, that this same organization encourages risky sex for young people and unplanned pregnancy for the sake of their profit. The abortion industry is not existing to help girls and women, but to exploit them. Women and young girls are victimized by profit driven clinics with encouraged early sexuality before the girls and boys are ready or even interested in sex.

MOTHERS are COERCED into ABORTION It is estimated that over 50% of abortions are coerced…one study up to 64%…coercion by father of the child, parents, grandparents, peers, abortion industry workers. The threats in the coercion may include loss of relationship(s), home, job, may involve violence. In a survey of post abortive women, 83% said they would have continued the pregnancy if they had received support. As a society, we need to support these women. Passing Personhood won’t solve all the problems, but will be a step as it will give moms legal protection against the force loss of their children.

ABORTION with REGRETS In published statistics, many women regret their abortions. You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who, faced with challenging circumstances and considering abortion, regrets they decided instead to have the baby. Yet, many if not most post abortive women have deep regrets. Some are never able to conceive. There is no question: abortion exploits and damages women.

ABORTION DOES NOT EMANCIPATE WOMEN How we respond to the unborn, the weakest among us, tests our humanity and challenges the depth of our commitment to equality. In spite of massive efforts to hide what abortion is, the woman knows or will figure it out at some point. Whatever life burdens she already carries, having an abortion further saddles her with having killed an innocent, helpless, and fully human being. A fleeting and feeble “freedom” indeed!

CONTRACEPTION, ECTOPIC/TUBAL PREGNANCIES, and MISCARRIAGES will NOT be CRIMINALIZED with PASSAGE of PERSONHOOD Contraceptives have been available since 1960, 13 years before Roe V Wade. Ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages were not investigated for criminality prior to Roe V Wade. They will not be criminalized with the passage of a Personhood Amendment.

RAPE, INCEST, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and WOMEN’S STATUS are NOT ENHANCED by DEHUMANIZATION of BABIES—WILL NOT BE WORSENED by PASSAGE of the PERSONHOOD AMENDMENT Despite massive efforts to hide what abortion is, one carrying an unwanted pregnancy knows or will figure it out at some point. Regardless the poor timing, possibly traumatic circumstances of the pregnancy and the understandable desire to end it…maybe even conception from the horror of rape/incest. Later in life, when they conceive under better circumstances and study the life of the unborn, they realized they killed their innocent baby. For people with a conscience, it seems easier to forgive the perpetrator of the crime against them than for them to forgive themselves for destroying their child. Giving birth to a child conceived in rape could be traumatic, but getting an abortion doesn’t erase the primary trauma of the race itself…and that trauma is magnified by abortion. We cannot predict with certainty how a post abortive mother will deal with abortion trauma, but we can make two statements with 100% certainty: 1. their child is dead. 2. The child’s death doesn’t erase the rape. Rape victims often heal from the harm done to them by others, but the physical, emotional, and spiritual scars remain from destroying their child.

RAPE and INCEST Killing innocent people is never a solution, and abortion does not erase the trauma of rape. Later in life, when rape victims conceive under better circumstances and study the life of the unborn, they realized they had killed their innocent baby—For those with a conscience, it tends to be easier to forgive the perpetrator of the crime against them than  to forgive themselves for the crime against their child. The rape is of course traumatic, giving birth to a child conceived in rape could certainly be traumatic.  So is the knowledge that you killed your own child. We cannot predict how a post abortive mother will handle the trauma of abortion, but we can make two statements with 100% certainty: 1. their child is dead. 2. The child’s death doesn’t erase the rape. Most rape victims heal from the harm done to them by others, but the physical, emotional and spiritual scars remain from destroying their unborn children.