Weekly call to action

Legislation updates from Montanans for Limited Government:

HB09  NO Cultural and Aesthetic Grants (this is not a constitutional function of government!) Apr 6, 9 am, Senate Finance and Claims Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

HB602 YES Require warrant for search of consumer DNA database. Apr 9, 8 am, Senate Judiciary Message Committee: https://leg.mt.gov/web-messaging/

SB199, Montana Local Food Choice Act, is still working its way through the Legislature. Be prepared in the coming weeks to act quickly. If Governor Gianforte fails to green-light raw milk and food producer freedom of choice, it will demonstrate a lack of conviction for liberty. You can reach his office and speak to a real person at 855-318-1330

If you would like Montana legislative email updates directly from Montanans for Limited Government, please contact Edna Kent at mtforltdgov@gmail.com.