Key Dates and Prep Meeting Agenda

Commissioners Meeting

  • Feb 23 at 11:00am in Hamilton. Ravalli Country Administration Center, 215 S 4th St

Prep Meetings: Fort Owen Inn 3854 Hwy 93 N Stevensville (next to Super One Foods)

  • Feb 15th Thursday at 6:30pm.
  • Feb 17th Saturday at 2pm. Please bring someone with you.

Both prep meetings are the same.

  • 30m – Review the Five Point Plan with Q&A
  • 120m – watch Let My People Go a documentary about election integrity and January 6th

Our Five Point Plan for Election Integrity

The Stand Together For Freedom Plan to restore vote integrity is a holistic plan that addresses all the potential parts of the process where errors can occur.

The plan has five parts.

(1 of 5) Register 30 Days Prior to Election

No registration on voting day. Voting day registration has two downsides, (1) voter turn out can manipulate election results, and (2) the resulting surge of administrative activity distracts election officials from the critical task of running a fair election.

(2 of 5) Government Photo ID

In order to register to vote, a government issued photo ID is required. The requirement to present an ID has been litigated in the public eye intensely for the past few years. You need an ID to drive, fly, drink, and many other activities.

(3 of 5) One Day Voting In Person

Absentee voting is allowed but no mail in votes. Mail in votes are a major source of abuse as 2000 Mules illustrated. In addition to ballot box stuffing, our country has seen systems that can determine on election night that a voter has not cast a ballot and print a mail in ballot on demand for the candidate that needs a boost.

(4 of 5) Hand Count the Paper Ballots

The concern that hand counting is too laborious does not hold when you consider that entire countries like Taiwan and Argentina, with populations of 25M people, hand count their ballots with results available the next day.

Voting machine technology is an unnecessary layer between the voter and the will of the voter. Maybe Ravalli County uses this technology perfectly but it is a centralized system that can be reprogrammed in an instant. There is no trustful way to know what happens within an election when using centralized solutions.

(5 of 5) Renew Every Year

Voter rolls are inherently inaccurate. In any year, 8-14% of the population moves. With the voter list degrading that quickly, trying to maintain accurate rolls is not practical. Like we register our cars every year, we register to vote every year also. This will end the challenge of keeping voter rolls updated because they are rebuilt every year.

Discover More About Election Integrity

Let My People Go drills into both election integrity and the related events on January 6th. This movie will be shown after the prep sessions at Fort Owen.

RealRobert is an independent journalist on Twitter covering election integrity. Most of his recent posts rare about election integrity.

Getting Back Door Access to Elections Machines – don’t know if these are ES&S machines, but this video shows getting access to election machines via serial port and being to change the voting data/