Library Confusion

StandTogetherForFreedom is grateful to Montanans for a Limited Government for the information below clarifying the confusion about what’s happening with Montana libraries.

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the Montana State Library Commission and the Montana Library Association.

The Montana State Library Commission recently withdrew from the America Libraries Association (ALA). Four more states are considering doing the same with nine total preparing to take action.

The Montana Library Association, “a statewide organization of over 900 librarians, retired librarians, trustees, friends of libraries, and library students,” did not withdraw from ALA but released this statement.

Do with this information what you want. If you have children/grandchildren in the government schools or they utilize a library in your community, be aware of what is on the shelves that they might be able to access.


Following are some important meetings and events that we need to attend!

Ravalli County Health Board-Waste Water Regulations

–Wednesday, March 3 @ 1:00pm at the Ravalli County Administration Building, 215 S 4th St., Hamilton, Mt.

Shashin Hume summarized the regulations with comments to help us understand the capricious nature of these rules. Thank you Shasin. PLEASE ATTEND IF YOU ARE ABLE!

Burnt Fork Subdivision

–Thursday, March 4 @ 6:30pm at the LDS Church, 100 Middle Burnt Fork Rd, Stevensville, Mt. This is an in-person Public Meeting concerning the Burnt Fork Subdivision. This is high density development that will over tax existing infrastructure and water resources. See attached information.

Click here for public meeting agenda.

Click here for Zoom meeting info and agenda.

Equality Act – Let Them Know, NO!

Please contact Senator Tester @ 202-224-2644 and Senator Daines @202-224-2651 and DEMAND they oppose the Equality Act which gives the LGBTQP crowd special rights at the expense of everyone else’s rights that do not have that proclivity.

What About the Children???

Terri needs volunteers to help with the letters of support that will go to the Stevensville School Board showing the taxpayers desire to let the students, parents, teachers and staff have a “choice” whether they wear a mask or not. We have over 100 letters already. We have permission to set up a table in front of Super One on Thursday and Saturday. Call Terri @ 406-880-2492 if you are able to help so she can get a schedule for everyone. We need people during these two-hour increments on both days: 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm.

A Fallen Ravalli County Officer

The Hamilton Freedom Team collected money for fallen Ravalli County Deputy Andy Jessop, who was killed in an avalanche accident while snowmobiling. We collected money at last night’s general meeting and will do so again next Monday night. So far, we have collected approximately $600.00 and would like to reach $1,000.00. The money will be presented to Sheriff Holton in the name of Stand Together For Freedom. If your Freedom Team would like to contribute to the donation, let Alan know. 505-603-8499