Bacterial Pneumonias On The Rise

Mask Particulates Partially To Blame

Some doctors have found as they’ve researched the safety of masks that mask particulates may be breathed into the lungs. If too much of this occurs, it can cause problems in your lungs.

Bacteria Grown In The Mask Partially To Blame

Masks are a fertile environment to grow bacteria. Recently, in Michigan, there was an unusually large outbreak of strep throat among public school students. The wearing of masks have also produced life-threatening legionella pneumonia and strep. Oral bacteria, when it gains access to blood and deep tissue, can cause:

  • pneumonia
  • abscesses in the lungs
  • subacute bacterial endocarditis
  • sepsis
  • meningitis
  • type 2 diabetes
  • hypertension
  • cardiovascular disease

Main Cause of 1918 Spanish Flu

Bacterial Pneumonia

The Spanish Flu is credited with causing the death of some 20 to 100 MILLION people! However, after extensive research, researchers found that close to all if not all deaths had bacterial pneumonia.

Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic

Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

From their research they found it important to stockpile antibiotics and vaccines against bacterial pneumonia. Do we have sufficient quantities of antibiotics to address bacterial pneumonia today?

What Caused the Pneumonia?

According to Winter Watch, the Pneumonia was brought on by new experimental vaccines injected into willing test subjects… Soldiers. The outbreaks of the disease took place in 14 of the largest training camps.

The PCR Test Used to Test for Covid-19: Is it Reliable?

What if I were to tell you that the PCR test being used to test for Covid-19 does not specifically test for Covid-19?  Yes, that’s right, this standard test does not give a positive or negative reading for Covid-19.  Rather, it detects DNA that could be related to a number of different coronoaviruses.  So, why are we relying on this test to determine safety protocols and lockdown measures?  Beats me. 

Reading List

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The Spirit of America – Words of Advice from the Founders in Stories, Letters, Poems & Speeches – William J Bennett

The New England Primer

The Original Blue Back Speller

The Light and the Glory – Did God have a plan for America? – Peter Marshall/David Manuel

America’s Providential History – Mark A Beliles/Stephen K McDowell

Rush Revere Series for Kids – Rush Limbaugh

The Tuttle Twins Book Series & PDF Workbooks Connor Boyack

Uncle Eric Book Series – Richard J Maybury

1828 American Dictionary of the English Language – Noah Webster

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Baofeng Programming Files

Hi Team,
I have attached the files for the radio programming.
“Baofeng_UV-82HPProgramming.img” is the datafile used by the CHIRP programming software.

“BaofengUV82HPProgramming.csv” is a comma delimited text file that can be imported into the CHIRP software

“BaofengUV82HPProgramming.pdf” is a pdf file that is easy to read listing all the channels, frequencies, codes, channel names, etc. This is what is in the programming .img file.

“Radio Training.docx” is a Word file of the notes I used for the training speech.

When using CHIRP for your radios, I suggest:
-Download from the radio the data from your existing radio.
-Erase all of the old radio data from the file on your screen.
-Import the channel data from “BaofengUV82HPProgramming.csv” into the empty screen.
-Upload the info to your radios.

The reason for the above is that you may have different firmware then the club radios. CHIRP is not smart enough to copy data between radios with different firmware. By downloading the data from an existing radio, you get the correct firmware version. Then you fill that file on your screen with the new channel data from importing the .csv file.

Good Luck,


Can we trust COVID-19 testing?

Most of our public policies are being driven by the verdict of “deadly pandemic” based on a massive testing effort. But if we can’t trust the test, how can we trust the verdict?

The main test being used as a diagnostic is the PCR test. It was invented in 1985 by Kary Mullis. Yet it was not designed for detecting viruses, let alone for diagnosing humans as being sick and infectious. Kary Mullis is quoted in the New York Times as being very critical of his fellow scientists and questioned many of their assumptions. It is sad that he died before his work was applied in such a sloppy fashion.

How do PCR tests work?

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test does not detect viruses. It detects specific target DNA or RNA sequences. It amplifies the target sequence millions of times to make that sequence detectable. This amplification is performed by doubling the target material over and over. The greater the number of cycles, the more DNA is manufactured.

For COVID-19 PCR tests, there are DNA sequences that are multiplied over and over with until they are detectable. These sequences came originally from the scientists in Wuhan, China.

What are the problems with this test?

A Test Without a Standard

If you imagine administering a test in school, someone has to know the standard. We need to know what are the correct answers, and then we need to know how many correct answers are a passing grade. Do we have a standard for these PCR tests? We do not.

Please do the research yourself, but the biggest problem with the PCR tests is that the multiplication factor used to multiply the target sequence is not standardized anywhere. If someone is tested for COVID-19, we don’t know how frequently the target sequence has been multiplied. A positive result can be guaranteed if the multiplication factor is increased sufficiently. This article is a good source to explain many aspects of the issue, often from the mouth of Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of PCR.

What are We Looking For?

Perhaps an even more disturbing question to ask about the tests: Do we even know what we are looking for?

Can we truly say that the DNA sequences that are being tested for really correlate to a deadly virus?

The PCR amplifies genetic material. But what genetic material is it amplifying? It is not even the full genetic code of a virus. They only look for a snippet of the viral RNA. These are the same snippets tested for at the original “outbreak” in Wuhan, China. How did these scientists come by these snippets? Why did countries around the world trust these snippets?

This article won’t try to answer these difficult questions directly, but we suggest you view the excellent documentary Plandemic: inDoctorNation to see the hard evidence behind some serious conflict of interest.

What we will point out is the evidence that the deadly virus supposedly causing this pandemic has not been isolated and purified. Being able to isolate the problem virus would help us verify that the tests actually work. Instead what we have is a pandemic of tests, not a pandemic of viruses.

A Pandemic of False Positives

The PCR test has shown positive results on goats, fruit, and even motor oil by the president of Tanzania back in May 2020.

Since the PCR test cannot tell whether or not this genetic sequence is inside an infectious virus or not, and has not been proven to correlate with an isolated strain of actual viral particles, what we have is a growing epidemic of testing.

The more tests that are executed, the greater the number of “cases”.

We hope you will ask the hard questions, and do the research yourself. Once you do, we’re sure you will know that we can’t trust these tests. More importantly, we can’t trust those who are promoting them.


Patience is NOT a virtue if it means doing nothing. 

I’m tired of hearing, “we need to have a conversation about (fill in the blank).”  We already know the problems; it’s long past time for action, and more importantly for results.

I’m tired of hearing, “we can count on the silent majority.”  It’s silence that has us in this fix to begin with.

The reality is, we are at the cliff’s edge of losing America as we know it.  Each person within this nation is on the verge of losing the collective and individual freedoms as we know them.  As the saying goes, “the squeaking wheel gets the grease,” and the Progressive Marxist Left has been “squeaking” for decades.  Their relentless, insidious efforts have paid off for them while way too many of us placed our focus elsewhere, thinking the Progressive Marxist Left will someday just go away.  

Well they won’t go away — not now, nor in the future.  No more can any of us take for granted our freedoms and way of life.  As a Veteran, I vividly recall the definition of war, “to overwhelm the enemy with such force that they lose the will to fight.”  News flash, America — “We the People,” are the enemy according to the Progressive Marxist Left. 

 As a U.S. Military Active Duty Soldier, I willingly and freely took an oath that reads in part, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; . . . SO HELP ME GOD.”  As a Veteran and Citizen of this great nation, I will always hold fast to that oath.  It is my belief that many elected politicians and un-elected bureaucrats in this nation, not to mention many of its citizens, should be charged with treason, and there is plenty of evidence to convict them of treason.  We must keep our eyes on the prize; A FREE AMERICA AND A FREE PEOPLE, as well as our jobs, bills, time with family, and other worthy endeavors. 

I love and applaud our President on all fronts, especially “draining the swamp.”  But is it solely President Trump’s responsibility to drain the swamp?  No!  It’s each one of us who need to drain the swamp.  And, the “swamp” is in the federal government, state government, and locally, in our own back yard.  As a Believer, I am to actively resist evil in all its works and ways.  And as an American Patriot, I am to actively resist anything, anyone, any group of people, and any other nation who want to take down America.  I love God, my family, America, my Fellow Patriots, the Constitution of the United States, and the collective and individual freedoms we have thereof. 

No, it’s not time for silence, nor more words; it’s time for ACTION and RESULTS.  And there is NO TIME FOR TIMIDITY.  “I walk through the valley of federal, state, and local government intimidation, coercion, tyranny, and death, and I FEAR NO EVIL.”  There’s the Progressive Marxist Left, the intimidated compliant sheep, and the American Patriots.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to make a choice. 


Masks Required

While businesses can set certain requirements like “no shirt, no shoes, no service”, they are treading a thin line when they demand you wear a mask, even if it’s included in their store policy.

Some are pointing to this as a telltale of fascism as businesses enforce the government edict.

Whatever the case may be, when you need to purchase something from a store,  or enter a business or government building that “requires” masks, no exceptions, you can use this form. This will put them on notice for their non-compliance of the law.