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Trump Train to DC

January 3, 2021 @ 8:00 am January 9, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Rick is putting together a Trump Train to Washington DC to be there on January 6th. For anyone that can, please go with him to show President Trump we are with him.

Prayer Support for stealth & Holy Spirit Leading… Last chance to join being in DC, should Civil War kick off When President Trump Wins!

Contact Rick for meeting time and place.



One thought on “Trump Train to DC

  1. Thanks to Rick and all who will take this adventure into the depths of the DC swamp on this historic occasion! Will be praying for your safe trip and participation in “Keeping America Great”. Hope you will find lodging within 50 miles of DC.
    I am also praying that people will wake up to the fact that if enough people rebel and open up their businesses, the swamp rats will not be able to enforce their lock-down madness on all the citizens of the United States of America!
    This rally in DC, with the millions that are going to show up, is the perfect opportunity to Stand Up For Freedom and put down the insurrection brought on by the democRats, the RINOS, the Deep State bureaucrats, ANTIFA and the godless BLM rioters!
    God Bless this DC TRUMP TRAIN!
    Wish I was 15 years younger and ready to go.

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