Get connected with a Freedom Team.

If you’re interested in attending a freedom team meeting other than your area, contact the team leader for time and location.

FT 1 Lolo and FT 2 Florence
Leader Phil Senechal

FT 3 3 Mile N – Dry Gulch to 8 Mile
Leader Matt Roth

FT 4 3 Mile S-A
Leader Cody Houtchens

FT 5 Stevi NE   
2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6pm starting April 16th.
Leader Kevin Thurs

FT 6 Stevi West
Leader –              

FT 7 Stevi NE   
Leader Alan Lackey

FT 8 Victor     
Leader –             

FT 9 Corvallis
Leader Harry Lee

FT 10 Hamilton  
Leader Charles “Len” Owings

FT 11 Darby     
Combine with Hamilton

FT 12 3 Mile SB  
Leader Phillip McKenzie

4 thoughts on “Get connected with a Freedom Team.

  1. My wife and I are behind this movement 1,000 percent. We are with Stand Together for Freedom.
    God Bless Us All…
    Ralph Guthrie

  2. Theres beautiful things happening in Gods country..need to check back in as ive found a church in the zoo ive fallen in love with (crossroads on Mullan) and make more connections of God loving patriots ready to stand up! Amen, amen, amen!

    God bless

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