Standing United With Anne

It was September 24th at 2:30 pm on a cool windy day in Hamilton Montana. A group of freedom loving patriots stood with Anne in defiance of Judge Lint’s personal courtroom mask mandate.

As you know, Ravalli County is not enforcing the Governor’s mask mandate. However, Judge Lint instituted her own mask mandate for her courtroom. We know that so far Anne and another elderly gentleman have been served with summons for contempt of court. Pray for them!

Praise be to God, Anne received her 30 day continuance and didn’t have to appear before court this week! We were there anyway to stand up for her and our rights. She’s now scheduled for Oct. 22nd at 3:00 pm.

We counted 51 patriots in the middle of a Thursday supporting Anne!

After protesting at the courthouse, we marched down Highway 93 a couple blocks and looped back to the courthouse. We had a LOT of people see us and we thank everyone who came for the sacrifice they made!

Other News

Tim Ravndal with Conservative News from Montana reported on this event. Thank you Tim!

One thought on “Standing United With Anne

  1. Bravo to freedom loving Montanans whose stand gives other freedom loving patriots hope for our country. Keep it up! The ripple effect is real.

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