We’re Making a Difference

Today we had a packed room with the board of health. No social distancing! It was supposed to be addressing Covid concerns related to Hamilton and the Waste Water Regulations. However, after an hour or so it was decided that they would push the Waste Water Regulations back, maybe until January!

The Hamilton City Council was trying to push the board of health to enforce social distancing and masking… Well, to ALL of our amazement, each member of the board of health as well as Dr. Calderwood said that we won’t be enforcing any such mandates here in our county! Some said that we wouldn’t do it because the county (those standing for freedom) wouldn’t allow it. Others said we don’t have the resources to enforce it. Either way, the governor’s new “tools” won’t be coming to Ravalli! 

Now why was the city council of Hamilton asking the board of health to enforce social distancing? Because they don’t have the authority to do so! So, Hamilton is free from mask enforcement as well!!!

Again, the room was packed with patriots! Thank you for everyone who sacrificed their time to take this stand. United we stand!

To watch the hours of citizen comment, you’ll be able to find it here as soon as they upload it.

Also, thank you Theresa for your kind words of encouragement!

7 thoughts on “We’re Making a Difference

  1. I am SO grateful to Alan and Terri Lackey for heeding God’s call to organize Standing Together For Freedom! Thank you to all the patriots who have come together and stood before out County Commissioners and Board of Health several times. This was a huge win today! Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is Liberty!

  2. Hopefully they upload a copy of The City Committee Meeting also (Held 7:00pm same day) – I was in attendance to both. When they finally discussed the earlier Board of Health Mtg, you should’ve heard the Mayor’s deplorable statements:
    [and I quote]: that the meeting “was fruitless, bogged down with ‘Public Comment’”, that he “didn’t get anything out of it”, that he wants “a private meeting with the Board of Health WITHOUT PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT” … and the best one yet: “We can’t put ourselves in that position again”. ….. Wait a minute, isn’t that the most important part of a Public Servants job – to listen to and act on behalf of the PUBLIC?? The Voice of The People???
    It had been far from fruitless with
    1. The entire Board promising “NO mask mandates or enforcement“, &
    2. Concerning how to move forward during this viral issue & “if it gets worse”, the whole time the city was lookin to the County saying “What’s the plan, what’re you gonna do”?; and the County was lookin to the Health Officer saying the same thing – each body of leaders deferring to “Someone else’s responsibility”, Yet the good ideas (& ONLY ones) came suggested BY PUBLIC COMMENT….. Hmmmmmm……

  3. Wow! What fabulous news! Thanks to all who were able to go, I was not unfortunately.
    One thing I did not know is that it seems the Hamilton City council is a bad group!! Same with the Mayor of Hamilton… are they a liberal bunch? never living down there, I didn’t know how they were…

    Thanks again all! Great job!!!

  4. I wish Theresa’s comment was not run through Facebook. I could not read it in its entirety because of a Facebook ad which covered the comment. I think we need to move away from Facebook and Twitter as they are not conservative friendly. Many people are not on Facebook but everyone has email.

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